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NEWSLETTER from 5 March 2024

"Only those who change remain true to themselves."

(Wolf Biermann)


Dear you, a few short news for you, who loves to dance and move whatever wants to be moved 😉


1) "special wave & come together" this Friday 8 March:

Spend the day off in Berlin dancing at the beautiful Kunsthaus Bethanien and come together afterwards. Program: 3pm-5.30pm "special wave" and 5.30pm-7pm "come together".

Please bring whatever you need for the "come together", maybe something to share if you like/have, e.g. snack, cake, finger food, tea, blanket/mat, etc. ❤ You are very welcome.



2) New dates for 2 mini-workshops in the evening:

"free flow" on Friday April 12, 2024

"on fire" on Friday May 24, 2024


I look forward to you and our dances ❤
Susanne 😊

NEWSLETTER from 10 April 2023

“The way arises under your feet.”   Zen Wisdom

As a child, we know it no differently, because our existence begins with growth even before we are born. From a child's perspective, we often perceive adults as complete and accomplished. Humans who are whole, who have arrived in their lives and in their bodies. As young adults it is new for us when our bodies don´t grow anymore and after a while we notice, we will never be "finished", because we continue to grow emotionally and mentally.

Life is growth, there is no way around it. All our experiences shape us, encounters, relationships, challenges, losses as well as love make us mature. And actually, growing seems quite simple, it happens by itself, one might think. But then we realize that certain connections or circumstances prevent us from inner growth. So, the challenge is to find out what is holding us back, to become aware of the obstacles or to remove them, to shed the old skin, lovingly, mindfully, gently, step by step, without pressure or coercion and at the same time focused and decisive. The clearer our targets and visions are, the easier it is. What helps us on this path? What do we need? Growth can be challenging. It can hurt and trigger emotions. But like the heartbeat of the embryo, it goes on and on inexorably as long as we live in our bodies. This life invites us to it, it is the gift to us, it is an unstoppable miracle, unpredictable and steady at the same time.

Just as everything begins to grow and sprout in spring, we explore growth, unfolding and lightness together on a Sunday afternoon in mid-April in the Mini-Workshop "gentle growing". There are currently two places available and you are very welcome! At the beginning of June the series "ongoing trust" will end with the Mini-Workshop "healing gratitude". Details:

The "move & groove waves" in the Kulturbrauerei are cancelled on 28 April, 26 May and will be postponed once from Friday to Thursday 18 May (5.30 p.m. to 7.30 p.m.). On all other Fridays we start dancing into the weekend at 7.30 pm!

Otherwise, I look forward to meet you on a dancefloor, to hearing from you if you want to reply or ask something or if you would like to register for a workshop.

Much Love, Susanne ❤

NEWSLETTER from 2 January 2022

"The one who doesn´t move, doesn´t feel the bonds." Rosa Luxemburg

A personal story - My path to becoming a 5Rhythms® teacher:

Flowing: I felt magnetically attracted and a new world opened for me after I danced the 5Rhythms® for the first time in March 2010. I could no longer help myself, which is why I followed my feet onto the dance floor again every week. Already after about a year, the desire grew to become a 5Rhythms® teacher myself. I guarded this secret like a precious treasure and did not share it with a single person.

Staccato: Another year later, completely unexpectedly, another dancer asked me if I wanted to become a 5Rhythms® teacher too. I was a bit upset at first, as if she had caught me, but after digesting the question for a moment, I involved her in my secret! Now it was out, irretrievably. Yes! My heart's dream was now spoken. I was on fire for it and my secret became a plan. The road to becoming a 5Rhythms® teacher is long and nine years after my first 5Rhythms® dance, the training in the U.S.A. started in May 2019. 

Chaos: Due to the known restrictions around the world, dates had to be postponed many times, much to our disappointment. This has been a patience probe and often felt like a storm that kept messing up our plans. This unforgettable experience was both an exciting, instructive and intense journey and an excellent exercise in letting go and trusting the process. The 5Rhythms® helped me enormously in this.

Lyrical: Finally, our cohort was able to graduate in December 2021, over 1.5 years late. The online certification was very moving, emotional and our following dance with shouts of joy was sure to be heard in many places around the world. I was also very touched by the many congratulations that landed on me. Now I am a certified 5Rhythms® teacher and this is just the beginning ...

Stillness: I am very grateful to all the people who have supported, accompanied, and inspired me on my path, especially my 5Rhythms® teachers and mentors, the training team, the other trainees, the participants in my previous 5Rhythms® courses and, above all, Gabrielle Roth, the creator of 5Rhythms®.

... wow, that was a meaningful wave and the next one follows immediately, because we start a new year grateful and open for everything that may come.
My 5Rhythms® offers will be continued in a timely manner, if the measures allow it.
I am happy if you have read this far, if you would like to answer me, if you would like to register for my newsletter or if we meet on a dance floor soon!

I wish you a loving, peaceful and moving start in 2022.
With much Love 

“Your Body is waiting for an invitation to be heard.

Katie Hendricks